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Custom Painted Furniture in Sarasota, FL

ZeppArt w/ A Kick is the place to find custom painted furniture in Sarasota, FL, to suit your lifestyle. Let us treat your old, outdated furniture, new furniture, built-in bookcases, or entertainment centers that are the wrong color. ZeppArt w/ A Kick can transform any type of furniture. We specialize in cabinet and furniture painting, also working wonders with metal, glass, tile, and much more! Reach out to our amazing artisans to learn more about custom painted furniture.

Customize Your Furniture

Old furniture can be made to look amazingly different with nothing more than paint and the special artistic touches of the talented pros at ZeppArt w/ A Kick. Your solid wood pieces will last many a year, and there is no good reason to discard them. Furniture often retains sentimental appeal, and even scars, gouges, and cracks can be traced back to a special memory.

 Don’t get rid of a quality piece of furniture that has meant so much to you. Repurpose it by adding a new color and finish. Glazing over color can add depth and character to any piece. Waxes also add dimension to your unique furniture. Ask us about the seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to finishes to complement hand-painted furniture.

A Crackle Finish

A crackle finish creates an aged, antique look on any piece of painted wood furniture. ZeppArt w/ A Kick will make your favorite furniture item look vintage with tailored services. You’ll love the results, and so will everyone who sees your repurposed, custom painted furniture.

Other Materials

For a total transformation of furniture made from metal, glass, or tile, count on ZeppArt w/ A Kick. Our cabinet and furniture painting services are not limited to wood. Revolutionize any surface material and achieve a new look, color, or finish.

 Contact us today to learn more about our unique furniture painting services. We proudly serve Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding area.