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Beautiful Custom Cabinetry in Sarasota, FL, to Enhance Your Home

Transform any cabinet surface, whether it’s melamine, Formica, wood, foil, glass, or metal, with our faux glazes, primers, and marine spar varnish for added protection. You can achieve any look, color, or finish you desire with no demolition needed. At ZeppArt w/ A Kick, we specialize in custom-painted kitchen cabinets and countertops with state-of-the-art products for the best professional and economical solution with no tear-out.

Our hand-painting approach is the best solution to updating your kitchen’s custom cabinetry in Sarasota, FL, costing you less money, time, and mess. We can also cover your countertops, refrigerators, oven doors, and kitchen doors. Choose from a variety of custom colors and architectural materials to match your home’s decor or window treatments. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with faux textures of any color.

Contact us today to elevate the look and feel of your cabinets when remodeling your kitchen or any other area of your home. We have the skills and expertise to create the ideal look for your space. Be proud of your home and request an estimate from us today. We are located in Sarasota, FL, and serve customers from throughout the surrounding areas.

Before & After Kitchen Cabinets

Before - Plain White Cabinet and Counters After - Wood Cabinets and White Counters

We took a plain white formica kitchen and custom painted a wood grain finish to all of the surfaces

After painting plain white formica kitchen.
Before pitcher of a white formica entertainment center after custom painted entertainment center
Before white formica cabinets. After custom painted Tommy Bahama wood finish.
Before dark wooden cabinet kitchen. After custom painted wooden cabinets.
Before - White Cabinet with Dark Counter After - Gray Cabinets with Dark Counters


Before- White Fronts


After- Wood Look Fronts

Molding added to formica cabinet doors before faux painting a wood grain finish. Painted door handles black and applied a stone veneer over the outdated countertops.


Before - Dark Wood Cabinets


After - Blue Cabinets

Custom faux painted on top of previous outdoor kitchen countertops and cabinets.


Before - Cream Cabinets


After - Tan Marbled Cabinets

Custom faux painted kitchen Countertops and Cabinets with faux painted Tiles for a custom backsplash.

Before Kitchen

Before - Bar Area Before - Kitchen Area

After Kitchen

After - Bar Area New Finish After - Stove Area New Finish After - Bar Area and Door

Custom faux painted bar and Kitchen Cabinets with custom painted matching door.

Custom faux painted Kitchen Cabinets.


Before - Plain White Bathroom Counter


After - Marbled Bathroom Counter

Applied a Faux marble finish over real outdated  Marble Countertop and sealed with a protective varnish.

Grey Kitchen Corner Cabinets Gray Cabinets in Kitchen
Red Cabinets Dark Kitchen Cabinets
Before - All White Kitchen After - Wood Grained Kitchen
Before - Plain Counters After - Marbled Counter
Before - Plain White Cabinet and Counters After - Wood Cabinets and White Counters
Before - Tan Cabinets After - Pale Grain Cabinets
Before - Pale Wood Kitchen After - Cream Colored Kitchen
Before - Old Wood Cabinets After - Pale Grain Cabinets
Before - Plain Kitchen Counter Around Sink After - Blue and Green Counter
Before - Double Sink After - Double Sink Cherry Finish
Before - Shiny White Sink After - Blue Marbled Sink

Totally outdated bathroom vanity, sink, shower & floor Refurbished with a stone decor product available in any color.

Before - Outdated Bathroom After - Blue Marbled Shower and Counter


Custom painted Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops with no Tear out. Painted Kitchen Backsplashes, Tiles, or any surface can be Transformed.